MyTown Units

Smartly Designed Executive Rooms

Each MyTown suite has been specifically designed by a team of designers and engineers to create maximum comfort and privacy. MyTown has created a host of solutions to make dormitory living a pleasant and welcoming experience. Each room comes with a comprehensive set of facilities such as a private bathroom, kitchenette, storage space, built-in cabinets, comfortable beds, mattresses and beddings. A rental you never had within Makati, BGC, nor any Central Business District Area.


4 People Sharing



2 People Sharing



Private Rooms


First Class Bed

MyTown’s team of designers have paid special attention to the most important in a room: the bed. We want the hours you spend sleeping to be as comfortable and re-invigorating as possible.


Functional Built-in Facilities

The MyTown rooms are decorated with natural hues of white, beige and gray to create a fresh and open environment. All facilities are built-in to make optimal use of the space without making ilook cramped.


Dedicated Kitchen Block, Private Bathroom

The kitchenette in each room comes with a small countertop, microwave, mini-fridge and cupboard space for plates, cutlery and glasses. The bathroom is complete with shower, water closet, and lavatory. Water heaters and air-conditioning can be provided for an optional fee.


Ample Cabinets and Storage Space

MyTown’s designers have maximized the space in each room by creating many built-in storage spaces. Tenants will have at least one large cabinet to store hanging clothes, two bed drawers and one bedside cupboard. In addition, cabinets are lockable for the privacy and security of the tenant’s belongings.


Wifi and Connectivity

All rooms come with built-in WiFi access, smart bedside USB ports and other sockets to charge mobile phones, tablets and laptops. WiFi access in the suite and common areas provide tenants the ability to work from home, enjoy online entertainment or other applications.


Flexible Utility Arrangements

Each MyTown room is separately metered. At the tenant’s choice, utilities can be included or excluded in the monthly rental.


Availability of Much Needed Appliances

MyTown can optionally provide blow dryers, water heater and other equipment to enhance the comfort of tenants for an optional fee.