Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum lease term?

6 months.

What are the payment terms?

1 month security deposit, 1 month rent deposit (as payment for the last month of the lease term)

Is pre-termination allowed?

Yes, but one month rent and security deposit will be forfeited.

Can I move in early?

Yes, subject to availability.

What documents do I need to bring to the property when I move in?

Please bring any government issued ID, NBI clearance, and company ID.

Haven’t paid yet, can I still move in?

No, all due payments must be made prior to move in.

Are utilities included in the base rate?

No, all rooms have separate sub-meters for water and electricity that will be monitored on a monthly basis. You will be separately billed for this.

Is WIFI available?

Yes, WIFI access is free for all tenants.

Can I access the roof-deck amenities area?

Yes, for a monthly club-fee of Php 560.00 per person you will be able to enjoy unrestricted access to the MyTown New York club floor and facilities.

Is there parking for lease?

Yes there are parking slots reserved for tenants. For rates, click here to reach us.

Is there guest parking?

No, parking space is only available for the tenants of MyTown.

What features are included in the room?

Air conditioned unit, bed, pillow, mattress, sheets, toilet, shower, built-in curtains, personal storage space. Microwave and refrigerator are optional.

Can I cook in the room?

No, only microwave heating is permitted for fire safety reasons.

Can I invite guests?

For security purposes, guests are allowed to access the ground-floor retail but not the individual rooms or the club area.

Am I allowed to bring appliances?

Yes, subject to pre-approval from MyTown/

How are roommates determined?

MyTown recommends that you find your own roommates however, in the case that no roommates can be found, MyTown will assign individuals to your room.

Can I smoke in the facility?


Who is responsible for cleaning the units?

The tenants.

Who is responsible for cleaning the common areas?

MyTown however, all tenants are expected to help maintain the cleanliness of the facility.

Can I sub-lease my bed/room?


Is there additional storage space in the building?

Yes, there is a designated storage facility on each residential floor.

Can I wash clothes in the unit?

No, but an affordable laundromat is available on the ground-floor.

Is there a tenant curfew?


Does MyTown provide corporate lease contracts?

Yes. MyTown can provide additional flexibility to corporate tenants on lay-out, term, services, pricing, etc.


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